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Administrative regulation
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Business statistics
Set of detailed directions having force of law, developed to put a policy into practice (such as decrees, ordinances, and other similar provisions). It is normally addressed to a designated population of natural and/or juridical persons, which are bound to observe it.
Although the definition they provide of administrative source relies on the concept of administrative regulation, three of the four sources of reference (SDMX Vocabulary, CODED and UNdata Glossary) do not provide any definition for this term.

On the other hand, the OECD glossary defines administrative regulations as "Paperwork and administrative formalities through which governments collect information and intervene in individual economic decisions."

Such a definition clearly reflects a different point of view and is not suitable to complement – as needed – the definition proposed for administrative source. For this reason, it was deemed sensible to propose an original definition.
European Statistical System (ESS), "Admin Data Glossary. Definitions adopted for certain terms related to the use of administrative data for producing business statistics", ESSnet Admin Data (Overview of MSs’ Existing Practices in the Uses of Administrative Data for Business Statistics), Deliverable 1.1, 2013
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