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(p,q) rule
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It is assumed that out of publicly available information the contribution of one individual to the cell total can be estimated to within q per cent (q=error before publication); after the publication of the statistic the value can be estimated to within ρ percent (p=error after publication). In the (p,q) rule the ratio p/q represents the information gain through publication. If the information gain is unacceptable the cell is declared as confidential. The parameter values ρ and q are determined by the statistical authority and thus define the acceptable level of information gain. In some NSIs the values of ρ and q are confidential.
ESSNet SDC (Network of Excellence in the European Statistical System in the field of Statistical Disclosure Control), under the coordination of Anco HUNDEPOOL, "Handbook on Statistical Disclosure Control", version 1.2 (2010 Edition)
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