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Dissemination format
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Statistical concept
Media by which statistical data and metadata are disseminated.
A statistical product is a combination of macro-data and metadata packaged and presented in a specific form for dissemination. "Dissemination format" refers to the various means of dissemination used for making the data available to the public. It includes a description of the various formats available, including where and how to get the information (for instance paper, electronic publications, on-line databases).

This concept can be further broken down into: Microdata access, News release, Online database, Publications and Other formats.

Micro-data access refers to the information on whether micro-data are also disseminated. It should be stated if micro-data are also disseminated, e.g. to researchers. Access conditions should be described in short.

News release refers to the regular or ad-hoc press releases linked to the data. This concept covers press releases or other kind of similar releases linked to data or metadata.

On-line database refers to the information about an on-line database in which the disseminated data can be accessed. Link to the on-line database where the data are available, with a summary identification of domain names as released on the website, as well as the related access conditions.

Publications refers to the regular or ad-hoc publications in which the data are made available to the public. References to the most important data dissemination done through paper or on-line publications, including a summary identification and information on availability of the publication means.

Other refers to the references to the most important other data dissemination done. Examples of other dissemination formats are analytical publications edited by policy users, etc. This concept also includes "supplementary data", i.e. data not routinely disseminated that are made available to users upon request.
Part of the Metadata Common Vocabulary (MCV), as published in SDMX Content-Oriented Guidelines (COG), annex 4 "Metadata Common Vocabulary", in 2009 (
SDMX (2009)
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