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Ratios are calculated using statistical elements or calculated aggregates and can provide indicators of the productivity, profitability, competitiveness and performance of various industrial sectors.

There are a number of ratios that can be used to evaluate the economic importance of an industrial sector. Given here are those measuring productivity, compensation of employees and the distribution of value added:
- Hourly productivity: value added at factor cost/number of hours worked
- Per capita productivity: value added at factor cost/number of persons employed
- Wage adjusted labour productivity: (value added at factor cost/personnel costs) * (number of employees/number of persons employed)
- Hourly remuneration: wages and salaries/number of hours worked by employees
- Share of personnel costs in value added: personnel costs/value added at factor cost
- Investment rate: investment/value added at factor cost
- Gross margin: gross operating surplus/value added at factor cost
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