(Electronic Format for Exchange of Classifications)


CLASET is an EDI message designed to exchange tree structures such as classifications, organisation charts, concept definitions, catalogues, code lists, etc., in a standardized way. The CLASET message makes it possible to request, to send and to receive general information on classifications, all or part of the content or structure of a classification, data maintenance operations on classifications, all or part of the links between classifications, and, any combination of the above. The message has been designed in a generic way and provides mechanisms to describe the nature of the information exchanged within it.



General description

  CLASET Toolbox, version 3.1
  CLASET Documentation
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CLASET toolbox V3.1 (back to top)

You can download here the CLASET toolbox V3.1 (2.7 MB) available for Windows and Linux plateforms.

Before, you need to install the Java SDK 1.3.1 or higher:
Follow this link and select one of the J2SE (1.3.1 or higher)
and select the download in the SDK column according to your operating system.
First read the installation guide
Technical informations

HTML help files (toolbox user's guide and Parser factory user's guide) are include in the setup file.

You can download a set of examples to test XML, SGML, EDIFACT and ODABA2 conversion. When you unzip this file, check the folder name option to have the folders (Cpa01 and Insekt2000) created for ODABA2 import.


  The toolbox v3.1 supports the followings conversions :
- New XML structure
- Import/Export of multiple text files
- HTML reports

For all the CLASET components :
 - Classification
 - Items
 - Levels
 - Properties and RelItems
 - Labels
 - Dates
 - Events log
 - LinkSet with ClassificationLink, LevelLink and ItemLink
 - Responsible agencies
Parser Factory
  The Parser Factory is a new feature provided with the toolbox v3. It is used to define new import/export files parsing.
See the HTML help file in the help menu of the toolbox.
This feature make the java SDK mandatory (not the JRE) in order to use the java compiler.
You can download examples of parsing definition rules and text files by using the following link:
   - Classification/Levels/Items and properties (rules and zip example)
   - Linkset and links without id (rules and zip example)
  In the 1st example, the files are encoded in ANSI so greek labels are not well processed.
In the 2nd example, you will see in the resulting conversion the id missing replaced by automatic numbering. This example shows also the responsible agencies processing
  The Parser Factory used to define new import/export files parsing can manage only delimited text files.
You can use a harcoded version of ODABA 2 in the toolbox (menu item in conversion : ODABA 2 import/export").
This conversion does not manage extra attributes definition (extra.txt) and the "Exclusion reference number for internal identification" in the excludes file.
You can use this zip file as example of ODABA 2 import.
Subsets are no more supported.
  Due to the structure of the SGML files, the conversion can take a certain time (example 1MB of data are processed in 14 mn in a PIII 800 Mhz under Windows 98).
The toolbox is written in Java (multi-platforms) but scripts to start the application and for settings are provide for Windows platforms.




CLASET documentation  (back to top)

  - Concepts and terms related to classifications and exchange of classifications (zipped PDF file; 58 KB; 20 pages)
Data models and XML DTD
  - CLASET conceptual data model (MS-Word file; 2 094 KB; 67 pages)
  - Quick guide for CLASET UML model and CLASET XML DTD (PDF file; 358 KB; 14 pages)
  - CLASET UML model (MS-Word file; 486 KB; 18 pages)
  - CLASET XML DTD (.dtd file; zipped file; 2 KB)
  - Rose model of CLASET message in its MDL version (.mdl file; zipped file; 48 KB) (Rational Rose licence needed to view this document)
  - XML schema (.xsd file; 31 KB) (XML editor needed to view this document)
Message implementation guides
  - General implementation guide (MS-Word file; 1 444 KB; 49 pages)
  - EDIFACT implementation guide (MS-Word; 1 576 KB; 123 pages)
  - SGML/XML implementation guide (MS-Word; 790 KB; 70 pages)
  - XML DTD quick guide (PDF file; 374 KB; 16 pages)
  - XML schema documentation (MS-Word file; 387 KB; 19 pages)
CLASET as a UN/EDIFACT standard (Status of United Nations standard obtained in September 1998)
  - CLASET obtained the status of United Nations standard in September 1998