ESS-MH: ESS Metadata Handler
The ESS Metadata Handler Portal groups several IT applications dealing with different types of metadata and provides ESS and Eurostat metadata producers with a single entry portal for handling different types of statistical metadata.
- Public access:
RAMON dissemination: Reference And Management Of Nomenclatures (dissemination)
The objective of the RAMON server is to make available various types of information which help understand correctly statistical data. These various categories of information are called metadata and cover classifications, correspondence tables between classifications, concepts and definitions, legal acts, methodological manuals, standard code lists, etc. When available, the information is presented in all languages in which it exists. This is especially true for some classifications which sometimes exist in more than 20 languages. All information presented in RAMON can be consulted and downloaded free of charge (for non commercial purposes)
SDMX registry
The SDMX Registry stores metadata for querying, and can be accessed by other applications from the ESS-MH environment, provided they have the appropriate access privileges.
It can be seen as the index of a distributed database or metadata repository which is made up of all the data provider's data sets and reference metadata sets within a statistical community.
The registry is NOT concerned with the storage of data or reference metadata sets. The registry is only concerned with providing information needed to access the data and reference metadata sets.
The registry is not directly accessible by Eurostat and/or national users as such. It can only be accessed by the SDMX Registry administrators and/or by those web applications which are authorised to make use of the repository.
ESSMH: ESS Metadata Handler
The NRME is a web application intended for the production and transmission of National Reference Metadata.
It allows National Statistical Authorities within the ESS to produce national reference metadata, based on the Euro SDMX Metadata Structure (ESMS) or other reference metadata structures, and transmit them to Eurostat via Edamis.
This web application will shortly be available to national users, as well as Eurostat users, provided they have appropriate access privileges.
- Eurostat access only:
CODED: COncept and DEfinition Database
CODED is part of RAMON.
It allows the user to view and manage concepts and definitions, as well as statistical variables, used within the European Statistical System.
The user can also manage individual glossaries and/or find terms by using search criteria.
RAMON repository: Reference And Management Of Nomenclatures (repository)
The RAMON repository is purely dedicated to the management of the nomenclatures and classifications, whereas RAMON dissemination allows the users to search and retrieve information.
EMIS: Explanatory Metadata Information System
EMIS is used for the production and release of reference metadata, at European level, at Eurostat.
EMIS is available to those Eurostat users with appropriate access privileges. It allows them to create aggregated reference metadata files, utilizing the Euro-SDMX Metadata Structure (ESMS).
EMIS is not available to users outside Eurostat.