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Population projections are what-if scenarios that aim to provide information about the likely future size and structure of the population. Eurostat's population projections is one of several possible population change scenarios based on specific assumptions for fertility, mortality and migration. The method used for population projections is the "cohort-component" method. Population refers to 1st January population for the respective years.

Dataset [Tables], Product code: tps00003, updated on 18-Jan-2017

The ratio between the annual average population and the land area. The land area concept (excluding inland waters) should be used wherever available; if not available then the total area, including inland waters (area of lakes and rivers) is used,

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Share of population in a certain age group compared to the total population.

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Total population of each country shown as a share of the EU28 total population.

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The number of persons having their usual residence in a country on 1 January of the respective year. When usually resident population is not available, countries may report legal or registered residents.

Dataset [Tables], Product code: tps00157, updated on 19-Jan-2017

Number of persons not having the citizenship of the country where they reside (the reporting country), including citizens of other EU Member States, non-EU citizens as well as stateless persons, usually resident in the reporting country on 1 January of the respective year.

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