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Eurostat publishes a wide range of publications. Most of them are available in English only, but some are also available in other languages.

Statistics Explained – which is a user-friendly wiki-based online publishing system – is the core dissemination platform for Eurostat publications, containing articles and glossaries presenting statistics in an easily understandable way. It also contains online publications for both statistical and methodological domains.

Eurostat's publications programme consists of several collections:

Digital publications are interactive products containing short texts, dynamic infographics, maps, videos, graphs, photos, etc.

Statistical books provide statistical data and analysis covering a broad range of topics. Among these books, Eurostat produces a few flagship publications (paper or digital) every year addressing themes highly relevant for users.

Manuals and guidelines describe methodologies, guidelines and standards which are actually applied in the European Statistical System.

Statistical working papers present on-going methodological developments and applied statistical studies.

Statistical reports are quality reports or other papers introducing new or experimental data in one statistical area.

Leaflets and other brochures are usually promoting statistical information available in a specific domain.

All printed publications are available on the EU Bookshop, most of them are free-of-charge. The PDF version can be downloaded for free.

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