Acquisition of citizenship in the EU 2015 Acquisition of citizenship in the EU 2015

Acquisition of citizenship in the EU 28  

Eurostat publishes an infographic as well as some interesting facts & figures on acquisition of citizenship.

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  • Select the tab on the right to see the main EU citizenships acquired by non-EU citizens.
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Did you know? Did you know?

that in 2015...

... the top five citizenship-granting countries (Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany) accounted for three quarters of new citizenships granted in the EU?

…grants of citizenship decreased for three of the main citizenships of origin? (for Moroccans by 7%, for Turks by 7% and for Indians by 12%)

… 104 900 citizens of EU-28 Member States acquired citizenship of another EU-28 Member State? (13% of total acquisitions)?

Luxembourg granted the highest number of citizenships in relation to its population (6 per thousand persons), followed by Sweden (5), Cyprus (4) , Italy and Ireland (both 3)?

... Estonia, France, Belgium and Italy  recorded the highest share of grants of citizenship to children aged under 14 (32%), while the highest share of grants to people aged over 65 was recorded in Lithuania (9%)?

… the highest proportion of citizenship acquisitions by women was recorded in Croatia (65 %), while the highest by men (57%) was in Romania


Source: Eurostat, Migration and citizenship statistics. Date of extraction: 21.04.2017

Further information can also be found in the Eurostat news release on acquisition of citizenship in the EU.


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