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Regions of the European Union. A statistical portrait - 2009 edition

Regions of the European Union. A statistical portrait - 2009 edition

European regional and urban statistics are used for a wide range of purposes, for example for allocating regional funds in a rational and coherent way and for ex post assessment of the results of regional and cohesion policy. Regional and urban statistics provide the possibility to analyse patterns and trends within countries, complementing the more traditional analysis at country level. Comparable regional statistics form an important part of the European statistical system, and have been collected for several decades. Eurostat's regional statistics cover the principal features of economic and social life within the European Union. The themes selected for the five chapters represent interesting aspects of the demographic, social and economic situation across Europe's regions. The information is mainly provided through maps, presenting statistical data on a wide range of regional indicators. It is intended to give an idea of the range of European statistics available in this area.

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Release date: 18/12/2008

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