ESS Reference Metadata Reporting Standards ESS Reference Metadata Reporting Standards


ESMS Metadata files are used for describing the statistics released by Eurostat.

ESMS are based on the Euro SDMX Metadata Structure (ESMS). It aims at documenting methodologies, quality and the statistical production processes in general. It uses 21 high-level concepts, with a limited breakdown of sub-items, strictly derived from the list of cross domain concepts in the SDMX Content Oriented Guidelines (2009).(*)


The ESMS-IP provides standard reference metadata for indicators. On an indicator level the previously used quality profiles (QP) and the existing reference metadata files (ESMS files) are now merged into one single file, called ESMS-IP. With the implementation of the ESMS-IPs the QPs will be discontinued and they will be gradually replaced by ESMS-IPs.

The ESMS-IP is based on the Euro SDMX Metadata Structure (ESMS). In addition, it contains a short "quality box" at the top providing users with a summary asessment of the main quality characteristics of an indicator. It provides a quidance for the use and the analysis of the indicator and gives input to the selection processes of any new indicator sets. (*)

(*)  Use the Explanatory texts (metadata) icon to access both ESMS and ESMS-IP files in the statistics database.