Statistical books , Product code: KS-DO-07-001, published on 31-Aug-2007

This is the 8th edition of the Labour Market Policy database publication. It presents data on public expenditure and participants (or beneficiaries) of LMP interventions in 2005. Several improvements have been included in this issue. Firstly a full revision of the LMP methodology has been successfully completed and historical data revised accordingly. This work can be viewed in the Eurostat New Cronos database. The most important changes in this publication are the following: (1) new tables and graphs depicting EES indicators included; (2) data on participants are presented using a newly developed completion indicator that significantly improves the number of aggregates for which values are now available; (3) detailed tables for expenditure and participants now include sub-totals by type of intervention for each country; (4) all tables adopt a new lay-out for the presentation of flags and now use the same flags as in New Cronos; (5) the methodological notes are excluded and, instead, a link to the full version of the "LMP methodology" is provided; (6) additional tables with data on the labour reserve and the population wanting to work have been included, as well as (7) new tables showing national sources of data on expenditure and participants.

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, etc. 64 However, there may cases where government has entrusted the unit to intervene in different areas of public policy, such as providing support to some enterprises (notably SME), and at the same time to households for social housing. This is carried out by distinct departments within

Statistical books , Product code: KS-DY-04-001, published on 20-Oct-2005

Telegraaf Novy cas MF Dnes Marca Diena de Volkskrant Sme Pravo El Mundo del Siglo XXI Vesti Segodna Algemeen Dagblad Pravda Deniky Moravia Total ABC Neatkariga Rita Avize NRC Handelsblad Sport Lidove noviny La Vanguardia Chas De Gelderlander Korzar (5) DK FR LT AT FI Jyllands-Posten Ou...

Statistical books , Product code: CA-17-98-281, published on 08-Mar-2001

be attributed to more efficient labour, automation of production lines, increasing export of manufactured prod- ucts and the appearance of foreign capital, bringing with it new technologies and pro- duction methods. Although eight industrial enterprises in the voivodship have more than 500 employees, SMEs

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in the medium term. Therefore, it is important to reorientate production towards highly productive and value-added activities by creating the conditions for business, and particularly SMEs, to adopt and adapt innovative products and processes, to establish co-operation networks with other enterprises

Statistical books , Product code: KS-40-01-319, published on 27-May-2002

used to refer to economic activities covered by Sections G to K and M to O of NACE Rev. 1, and the units that carry out those activities. SMEs Small and medium-sized enterprises employing less than 250 people. (According to the definition of the Directorate-General for Enterprise of the Eu...

Statistical books , Product code: KS-DO-10-001, published on 01-Sep-2010

0.3 - 0.3 - - 32 Reintegration of managers in SMEs 1.1 - 1.1 - - 35 Incentives for taking on employees in CIGS 3.0 - 3.0 - - 36 Incentives for taking on long-term unemployed 1 374.0 - 1 374.0 - - 51 Total triennial relief 10.7 - 10.7 - - 4 53 Vocational integration schemes 4.1 4.1 ...

Statistical books , Product code: KS-DO-09-001, published on 07-Oct-2009

contracts 0.4 - 0.4 - - 32 Reintegration of managers in SMEs 0.7 - 0.7 - - 35 Incentives for taking on employees in CIGS 2.9 - 2.9 - - 36 Incentives for taking on long-term unemployed 1,310.3 - 1,310.3 - - 51 Total triennial relief 18.5 - 18.5 - - 53 Vocational integration schemes 10.7 10.7 ...

Statistical books , Product code: KS-73-05-623, published on 08-Mar-2006

Institute for small to Medium-sized enterprises). For both customers another size class classifi cation is used. Because EIM is especially interested in SME (small to me- dium-sized enterprises), the size class categories are a little different from that of Eurostat. The result is that the diff...

Compact guides and catalogues , Product code: KS-FM-13-004, published on 05-Mar-2013

information provision for SMEs , and energy audits and energy management systems for large companies; • focus on the roll-out of smart grids and smart meters providing consumers with the information and services necessary to optimise their energy consumption and calculate their energy savin...