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rate, value added rate, share of gross operating sur- plus in value added, investment per person employed and investment rate. Small and medium-sized enterprises Data were extracted from New Cronos, theme 4, domain “sme”. Coverage: Transport, stor- age and communication (NACE Rev. 1: I), Land

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gnitroppuS )36( seitivitca tropsnart tropsnarT secivres egareva )36-06( dnal rehto dna daoR )2.06( tropsnart syawliaR )1.06( Table 4.6 Share of persons employed in SMEs, by transport service, 2004 (in %) Source: Eurostat (SBS) *2003 data. Data insufficient for pipeline transport and inland

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- and medium-sized enterprises provide most employment A share of 58 % of persons employed in EU-27 Transport services in 2005 were employed by SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises employing up to 249 persons) (Figure 5.8) compared to a share of 68 % in Services on average. A share of 2...

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), an indicator for a high proportion of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). If the land transport sector is taken as a whole, this ¢gure sums up to 6.1 because of the concentration of the railways sector, where an average railway enterprise in the EU employed 2 200 persons (1995). Lo...

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information provision for SMEs , and energy audits and energy management systems for large companies; • focus on the roll-out of smart grids and smart meters providing consumers with the information and services necessary to optimise their energy consumption and calculate their energy savin...