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methodological developments and data exchanges. European institutions and bodies DG AGRI — Agriculture and rural development DG EMPL — Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion DG GROW — Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs DG TAXUD — Taxation and Customs Union DG TRADE — Trade ECB

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TAT I S T I C A L B O O K S S TAT I S T I C A L B O O K S Key � gures on European business WITH A SPECIAL FEATURE ON SMES 2016 edition Statistics Explained A collection of constantly updated articles which together make up an encyclopedia of European statistics, completed by a stati...

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matter? In three NACE divisions/groups (J59: ‘films, TV and music’, J60: ‘programming and broadcasting activities’ and M741: ‘specialised design activities’), it was possible to analyse key economic indicators by enterprise size class. This allows for in-depth analysis of SMEs, which are regarded

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, including through further follow-up of mobility benchmarks; c. promotion of more learning at the workplace, in particular provided by the SMEs to their staff, including by the promotion of investment in skills development by companies; d. support for creating more opportunities to va...

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for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and the low-carbon economy. The resources allocated to each of these priorities depends upon the region. For example, in more developed regions, at least 80 % of any funding should focus on at least two of these priorities, whereas in less ...

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and of the Council of 11 December 2013 it focuses on three priorities: • Generating excellent science to strengthen the Union’s world-class excellence in science. • Fostering industrial leadership to support business, including micro, small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) and innovation. • Tackling

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on businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Intrastat system is designed so that intra-EU traders’ workload varies according to the annual amount of trade in which they are involved. To achieve this, each year Member States have to set thresholds for arri...

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edition S TAT I S T I C A L B O O K S S TAT I S T I C A L B O O K S Key � gures on European business WITH A SPECIAL FEATURE ON SMES 2015 edition S TAT I S T I C A L B O O K S S TAT I S T I C A L B O O K S The agricultural statistical yearbook 2015 edition S TAT I S T I C A L B...

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complemented the ones on the ‘Circular Economy’ and on a ‘Green Action Plan for SMEs’, and presented an integrated framework for employment and labour market polices at EU and national levels, highlighting the significance of:  Securing labour market transitions  Anticipating