Dedicated sections [International trade in goods], updated on 25-Sep-2017

Comext is Eurostat's reference database for detailed statistics on international trade in goods. It provides access not only to both recent and historical data of the EU and its individual Member States but also to statistics of a significant number of non-EU countries. Any aggregated and detailed s...

Dedicated sections [ESA Supply, use and Input-output tables], updated on 25-Sep-2017

Input–Output modellers are often faced with the task of estimating missing Use tables at basic prices and also valuation matrices of the individual countries. The following paper published in the Economic Research Journal examines a selection of estimation methods applied to the European context. Th...

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Qualitative Informationen nach Systemen und Einzelleistungen ermöglichen eine genauere Kenntnis der nationalen Sozialschutzsysteme: allgemeine Beschreibung der Systeme, detaillierte Beschreibung der Leistungen, Informationen zu jüngsten Änderungen und Reformen. Die qualitativen Informationen werd...

Eurostat News , Product code: EDN-20170925-1, published on 25-Sep-2017

In 2015, almost 19 million primary school pupils (or 84% of all the pupils at this level) in the European Union (EU) were studying at least one foreign language, including 1 million (around 5%) who were studying two foreign languages or more. English was by far the most popular language, studied b...

Dataset [Database], Product code: prc_fsc_idx, updated on 25-Sep-2017

Dataset [Tables], Product code: tessi300, updated on 25-Sep-2017

This indicator is defined as the median of the distribution of the share of total housing costs (net of housing allowances) in the total disposable household income (net of housing allowances) presented by sex.

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The industrial domestic output price index measures the average price development of all goods and related services resulting from the activity of the industry sector and sold on the domestic market. The domestic output price index shows the monthly development of transaction prices of economic acti...

Dataset [Tables], Product code: tsdsc280, updated on 25-Sep-2017

Persons and share of persons with an equivalised disposable income below the risk-of-poverty threshold, which is set at 60 % of the national median equivalised disposable income (after social transfers).