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FAQ- Partner visibility

Do projects co-funded by the Council of Europe have the same guidelines as with other International Organisations?

The EU has only signed a specific agreement with the UN and the World Bank in terms of communication and visibility. Therefore, for the Council of Europe and other International Organisations, standard rules apply, which means that the graphic identity of the EU must enjoy an equally prominent place and size as that of the contractor or implementing partner.

Since the emblems of the EU and Council of Europe are shared, you may prefer to use the Council of Europe’s logo in order to more clearly differentiate between the two partners.

I have a project with many implementing partners. Do I display all their logos along with the EU flag?

The guidelines state the EU flag must be prominently displayed alongside the logos of implementing partners. In this regard, the flag should be displayed in such a manner therefore as not to compromise the visibility of the EU.

In addition, bear in mind that an ‘implementing partner’ is a contractual party: that is to say, only signatories to the contract are entitled to have their logos displayed as prominently as the EU flag, regardless of how many other organisations are involved in the project.

Are communication service providers permitted to use their logos alongside the EU flag?

Display of logos in as prominent a position as the EU flag are reserved for implementing partners only.

A service provider is entitled to visibility, but not in such a prominent position. As an example, the designer of a publication may receive a text credit on the inside cover of the publication.


What size should the EU logo be on a video?

The size of the logo and positioning of the text ‘European Union’ is variable according to the producer’s assessment of how best to present it visually, but as the guidelines state, it must be no smaller than the logo of any other implementing partner.

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