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FAQ- The final product

Do we have to produce a website for the project?

Though not compulsory, websites are increasingly a basic requirement for communication and this medium should be exploited to its full potential. However, creating a unique website for a project is not always necessary. It is preferred, if the action is designed to have a long life and results in significant amounts of material communicable via the web. In other cases a presence on the respective EU Delegation’s website would suffice (See Chapter 4.2.5).

Is a website template available?

No, there is no specific template, although they must always display the EU flag and include a mention of the EU funding and the disclaimer. However, a good website should be user-friendly and updated on a regular basis.

What should we do with an old project website when it is taken offline?

An archive of the website should be copied onto CD-ROM and sent to the respective EU Delegation.

How do I display the EU flag on items not mentioned in the guidelines, e.g. bags of food aid?

The principle of ‘prominent placement’ still apply. Thus, the flag should be large enough to be clearly visible, and displayed at the same size as the logos of any other partners.

Do I have to include the EU flag and other elements in a TV advertisement or film?

The same rules apply for all visibility output – therefore the EU flag must be displayed prominently, including the text “This project is funded by the European Union”, or “This film / video production was funded by the European Union” and a disclaimer. The flag should also be displayed clearly (see Chapter 4.2.12)

Are the templates proposed in the communication and visibility manual compulsory?

No, they are designed only to serve as an example of the final output. In fact, we encourage original design where possible. The only obligatory elements are the EU flag accompanied by the text “This project/programme is funded by the European Union”, and the disclaimer for published works.

Do I have to submit the communications material back to the EU?

For press material, you should check with your EU contact. For standard promotional output, the answer is no. However, for any material that would be of benefit to a wider audience such as photographs, videos or case studies, it is expected for copies to be sent to EuropeAid headquarters.

Should the text “This project is funded by the European Union” be accompanied by details of the actual amounts funded?

No, just the text alone will suffice. In a press release, however, it is preferable to mention the monetary amounts.

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