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FAQ- Exceptions to the rule?

Do the visibility guidelines change according to the region of the world where the project takes place?

No. In Asia or Africa, in the developed or developing world, wherever the project takes place, the guidelines remain the same.

Do the visibility guidelines change according to the regional security or political situation?

It is impossible to include provisions for all types of security situations in the guidelines. Of course, however, there will always be situations when it is inappropriate to display EU or other politically sensitive symbols on the grounds of local security, especially in times of crisis.

Therefore, when standard procedures for visibility would not be appropriate, the visibility requirements will be foregone, or possible alternatives arranged (e.g. communication actions in EU member states).

Discussions in this instance about how to proceed should always be held in the first instance with the local EU Delegation.

Can I create a logo for my project?

The creation of a graphic identity or theme across a project’s communication output is encouraged, but not the creation of a specific logo. Bear in mind it is also forbidden to create a logo incorporating the EU flag, which must be prominently displayed without any alterations or addition.

Can I make any changes to the EU flag?

Absolutely not. The guidelines clearly state that the flag must be used in its entirety and without alteration [Annex 2]

Can reproductions be made of EU-copyrighted material?

In general, reproduction is often permitted for non-commercial use on a case-by-case basis.

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