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FAQ- Contractual obligations

Where do I include the disclaimer?

A disclaimer has to be included in a published work (Annex 2.6). For print publications, it does not have to be on the front page or cover. However, it should be displayed prominently on the inside cover or second page as appropriate, according to the layout.

For websites, the text can be displayed on one page (for example with the title ‘Legal’), with the link to that page visible throughout the site.

For audiovisual material, it can be displayed either at the beginning or end of the transmission.

What is the correct wording for the disclaimer?

Here you have the correct disclaimer: “This publication has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of <name of the author/contractor/implementing partner/international organisation> and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.” [Annex 2.6]

What is the correct wording for the funding credit to be included with the EU Flag?

This project/programme is funded by the European Union [Chapter 4.1]

Remember, no mention should be made of the Commission, Communities or any other EU institution or funding instrument.

From which European Development Fund (EDF) did visibility actions become obligatory?

From the eighth European Development Fund (EDF) (1995-2000). That is to say, if a project is funded through a prior EDF, there is no contractual obligation to budget for visibility actions. Of course, we strongly recommend that you do all the same.

Does a full communication and visibility strategy have to be submitted by an applicant at the proposal submission stage?

At submission stage, communication and visibility activities should already been envisaged. Therefore, a communication strategy should already be in place, though is does not at this stage have to be exhaustive. For example, detailed indicators can be mentioned at a later stage, when the final communication plan is submitted to the EU Delegation.

What proportion of the budget should be devoted to information and communication activities?

1000 EUR is the lowest required amount according to the guidelines. However, there is no recommended percentage of the budget. The cost should be well balanced, however: at least enough to have an impact according to the objectives of the communication plan. Nevertheless, it remains very much dependent on the project; normally a large infrastructure project will devote a lower proportion of its budget to communication than one focussed on human rights.

Do I have to include the amount of EU funding in a press release?

The release should incorporate the EU flag, mention that funding was provided by the EU and mention the amount of funding in euro and in the local currency.

Do I have to include EU staff at my press conference /event?

It is preferred but this is at the discretion of the local EU Delegation or EuropeAid unit responsible for the funding. In all cases, you should check with your Commission contact and the EU flag should appear on the invitation and be displayed during the press conference.

Who holds the copyright in publications and other material?

For projects funded by the EU, the standard contract stipulates that for contributions / articles / studies / reports / etc. prepared by external companies/contractors, any results or rights, including copyright and other intellectual or industrial property rights obtained in performance of the contract shall be owned exclusively by the European Union, except where copyright or any other right of ownership already exists.

It is therefore assumed that the EU may freely use the product or part thereof without restriction or payment.

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