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The goal of the implementation stage of a project is to deliver the results, achieve the purpose and contribute effectively to the overall objective of the project. Furthermore it is to manage the available resources efficiently and monitor, as well as report, on progress. Here you will find the working tools and any information necessary to undertake a procurement or a grant procedure of an EC external aid contract financed from the EC general budget (Budget) or the European Development Fund (EDF), from the very first steps to the award of contracts.

Current version : Practical Guide 2014

The Practical Guide is the first sole working tool, which explains the contracting procedures applying to all EU external aid contracts financed from the European Union general budget (Budget) and the 10th European Development Fund (EDF).

The PRAG 2014 is available in English and French (applicable from 07/04/2014). 
Following their translation by our services, most of the annexes to the Practical Guide 2014 are now published in Spanish and Portuguese.

Italian and German are currently under translation and will follow. Thank you for your understanding.

Track change version of the documents (english version):

E-learning course on the Practical Guide

Do you want to know more about EU external action procedures? See our self-learning distance course on contractual procedures.


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