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I need the EuropeAid ID of my organisation

  • If your organisation exists in the database and has been successfully registered in PADOR (i.e. required data are not missing and the declaration of honours is signed), the EuropeAid ID should appear in the top left corner of its PADOR profile


  • If your organisation exists in the database but has not been fully registered in PADOR (e.g some required data are missing) or if you are currently creating a new PADOR profile, in order to get the EuropeAid ID please:

- FILL IN  all required information in the PADOR screens

- SIGN  the declaration of honour ("Sign and Submit" screen) in PADOR


the EuropeAid ID then appears automatically on the top left corner of the PADOR profile (not sent by email)  



Tip! if you are not sure if your organisation exists in the PADOR database you may check it out as follows:

With your username and password, Log in to PADOR by clicking on the "Search a PADOR profile" and check whether your organisation is already registered in PADOR by filling in the "Identification screen" (follow the instructions in section 3 of the Frequently Asked Questions pdf - 421 KB [421 KB] español (es) français (fr) document).

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