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E-training PADOR

Your on-line training on PADOR

An on-line training has been conceived to help you become familiar with PADOR.

Take the time to discover all the functionalities of PADOR.

The training is cut out in several chapters accessible independently. You will thus be able to progress at your rhythm and return to previous chapters as many times as you wish.

You will also receive explanations on the objectives and the reasons which led EuropeAid to develop this tool.

This on-line training functions with heavy software. If that is too heavy for your environment, a CD-ROM version of the training exists.

How to order a CD-ROM?

To obtain a CD-ROM version of this training (in three languages: English, French and Spanish), you can send your request by email to the PADOR support user.

Your message must contain at least the data required below:

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