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PADOR off-line form

If an organisation is in a situation where it is impossible to register in PADOR, it shall submit a justification proving that such impossibility is of a general nature and goes beyond the control of the applicant and/or its partner(s). In this case, the applicant and/or the partners concerned shall complete the PADOR off-line form and send it (in electronic format), along with the application, to the address indicated in section 2.2 of the guidelines of the respective call for proposals, by the submission deadline. Subsequently, the registration in PADOR shall be initiated by the European Commission. If, at a later stage, the organisation wishes to update itself its data, an access request will have to be sent to the PADOR helpdesk.

Download the form

PADOR off-line form pdf - 881 KB [881 KB] español (es) français (fr) (Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or above required)

Please note that opening the form may take a while depending on the performance of your computer.


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