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Audit of External Operations
Audit Framework Contract 2010


The Audit Framework Contract 2010 entered into force on 26 July 2010 and any requests for services for audits and other related engagements (e.g. verifications of International Organisations) shall be launched under this Audit Framework Contract.


The Audit Framework Contract 2006 can no longer be used for launching requests for services for audits and other related engagements.



This framework contract is managed by the European Commission (EuropeAid Cooperation Office). It entered into force on the 26 July 2010 for a duration of two years and was extended with additional 2 years until 24 July 2014 under the same conditions.

The framework contract provides services by professional firms for auditing programmes and projects of external aid for development financed by the EDF and the EU Budget. The audits can also cover contributions of the EU to international organisations in the context of development aid. The framework contract comprises three lots which are further detailed in the section below.

The Audit Framework Contract 2010 works according a system of competition. This means that, for each individual mission, all the contractors of the lot concerned will receive the Request for Services and shall submit an offer.


The contract consists of three lots with 4 contractors by lot pdf - 14 KB [14 KB] . The lots are the following:


LOT No 1 Financial Audits and Systems Audits

These audits primarily involve analysing the financial statements received by the European Commission for programmes and projects funded from the EDF and the EU Budget, as well as analysing the administrative and financial structures and procedures in place.


LOT No 2 Other Audit Assignments and Related Audits

These assignments primarily involve:

  • examining the management of programmes and projects funded by the European Commission from the EDF or the EU budget, looking at efficiency and effectiveness,
  • compliance assessment of the standards applied by a partner in order to check if they offer guarantees equivalent to internationally accepted standards,
  • verification missions of projects managed by international organisations,
  • analysing the national budgetary system, looking at the workings of public sector accounting and checking the expenditure trail, all carried out as part of the budgetary support set up by the European Commission,
  • forensic audits in cases of fraud or suspected fraud intended to find evidence which can be used in subsequent proceedings,
  • other audit-related services.


LOT No 3 Training
  • Preparing, adapting and updating information and/or teaching material on audit-related matters.
  • Organising and delivering training courses on audit related matters for the Commission and delegations of the European Union.


For each individual assignment, a Request for Services will be sent to all the Contractors of the lot. The detailed specific Terms of Reference (ToR) for each assignment will be annexed to this request.

Within 14 calendar days of a Request for Service being sent by the Commission, the Contractors shall submit a proposal including:

  • A cover note describing how the assignment will be performed in accordance with the specific Terms of Reference,
  • if required in the specific Terms of Reference, a methodology (should not exceed 5 pages),
  • the composition of the audit team,
  • the experts’ curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages) for all the experts proposed,
  • and a financial offer / breakdown of prices in line with the financial conditions (in particular respecting the market prices of reimbursable items and the maxima of the fees fixed at the level of the FWC),

The contracting authority will have up to 14 calendar days to evaluate and to notify the results to framework contractors which submitted an offer.

The Commission will send to the selected contractor a signed specific contract for the requested services (in 3 copies) within 14 calendar days from the notification of the evaluation results. The contractor will return two dated and signed copies of the specific contract which implies acceptance of it and of its execution conditions.

Contractual documents

Lot 1

The Audit Framework Contract pdf - 79 KB [79 KB] (special and general conditions)

Global Terms of Reference pdf - 81 KB [81 KB]

Lot 2

The Audit Framework Contract pdf - 79 KB [79 KB] (special and general conditions)

Global Terms of Reference pdf - 89 KB [89 KB]

Lot 3

The Audit Framework Contract pdf - 79 KB [79 KB] (special and general conditions)

Global Terms of Reference pdf - 58 KB [58 KB]

Useful documents and information

The daily allowances


Applying penalties pdf - 79 KB [79 KB]

Categories of experts pdf - 81 KB [81 KB]


Documents for answering Requests for Services (RfS):

Specific models for offers:

Model of CV msw8 - 66 KB [66 KB]

Grid of evaluation of the offers excel8book - 33 KB [33 KB]


Other useful documents

Model of bank guarantee msw8 - 42 KB [42 KB]





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