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Regular Dialogue

Since its creation, EuropeAid has set up various spaces of dialogue with civil society organisations in order to exchange information on the implementation of cooperation programmes. These dialogues are located at different levels.


Informal meetings in Brussels

In Brussels, representatives of civil society networks and platforms are regularly invited by EuropeAid to take part in meetings on launching new initiatives, on the adoption of Annual Action Programmes, on study and evaluation results, etc. EuropeAid has frequent contacts with, among others:

CONCORD: European Confederation for relief and development

ENOP: European network of political foundations

EPLO: European peace-building liaison office

ITUC: International trade union confederation

• European Platform of Local/Regional Authorities for Development

HRDN: Human rights and democracy network

National NGO platforms

Regional seminars

In 2008 and 2009, EuropeAid has organised 3-day regional seminars in all continents, bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders (local and European civil society organisations, Partner States and European governments, Partner States and European Members of Parliaments, Commission representatives, etc.).

These meetings are a unique opportunity to raise key questions about relations between civil society and the European Commission and the sound management of thematic operations.

2008 - Latin America (Porto Alegre), West Africa (Yaoundé), Asia (Manila)
2009 - Central America (Mexico City), Southern neighbourhood (Cairo), East Africa (Dar-es-Salam)

The Structured Dialogue

The Structured Dialogue aims to improve the efficiency of all stakeholders involved in European cooperation, based on current global and European debates. Its course took place from March 2010 to May 2011. Beyond this process, the dialogue with different stakeholders will continue in 2012 through ad hoc conferences and meetings.
In this context, the regional seminars were renewed:
In 2010: West Africa (Bamako), Latin America (Asuncion), Asia (New Delhi)
In 2011: Central Asia (Baku)
Details of these seminars are available on CISOCH.

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