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Drawing Competition 2008

For the second year in a row, EuropeAid is organising a drawing competition at the occasion of International Women's Day 2008, in order to call on the children in third countries, the future adults, to express their vision of women/men equality.

Their participation will demonstrate the creativity, enthusiasm and integration of the concept of gender in the spirit of the children, and more particularly in those of the 8-10 years age group, in the third countries: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, European Neighbourhood Countries, Latin America, Mediterranean and Pacific countries.

Two drawings by region will be selected by a jury of European children, and the prize of a total value of €1.000 for each region, will be awarded to the two winners from each region. The winning drawings will be included in a booklet which will be distributed in the schools of the countries of the region concerned, and in the European schools having participated to the competition.

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The Winners are:


REGIONCountry and NameCountry and Name
Benin, Marielle Adjovi, 10 years
"It goes without saying that women are equal to men; they realise the same exploits, if not more.
The salvation of humanity will be achieved through the liberation of all forces without prejudice and without distinction of sex"

Cameroon, Stève Fabrice Zenge Evina, 10 years
"The man must love his wife. In my country in Africa, the woman is respected"
Central African Rep., Lheslie Sabrina Arido-Sam-Noko, 10 years
"Equality between man and woman
Woman, get up
Into the past, you didn't have the right to be educated, to learn a work. Because you had to stay at home, and be treated as a slave.
But now, it's over.
Get up.
Women can do the same jobs than men.
Because there is gold, but also women painters, masons, pilots, skippers, mechanics, electricians, doctors, taxi drivers, heads of State and even astronaut!
Get up woman.
Doing this, you can earn your money with dignity, and contribute to the development of your country.
get up woman
Take up this challenge
Because you can even do better that men.
Be this equality between man and woman effective."

Nigeria, Simeon Dickson, 9 years
"Without mumm and dad I cannot be..."
Rwanda, Sarah Uwera, 10 years
"I go to school; Mary and her little sister stay at home - Mary and her brother go to school"
Togo, Yaou Djobo, 9 years

Argentina, Solana Godoy, 9 years
"Teachers, Waitresses, Doctors, Policewomen, Presidents"
Mexico, Ruben Arronte Ruiz, 9 years
"A pregnant woman equality men and women - A man waiting anxiously his child birth puts his ear on his wife's belly...the future of a new life"
Thailand, Rinlada Samretpol, 9 years
Vietnam, Nguyen Ngoc Yen Nhu, 9 years
"Both boys and girls are playing together"
Jordan, Liana Maher Touqan, 10 years
"If this (male) is a doctor, then this (female) must be a doctor too"
Tunisia, Mohamed Hédi Jemai, 10 years
Kyrgyz, Aigerim Taalaibek Kyzy, 10 years
"School, University, Work, Family + Right"
Ukraine, Yuriy Babiychuk, 9 years
"Religion, school, science, activity - these all, you know, are gender equality"


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