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Environmental Auction Floor Conference

The first ever environmental Auction Floor conference took place in Brussels on 13th March 2009 with over 300 participants travelling from 49 different countries.

The aim of the Auction Floor was to bring together development actors and potential donors/investors in an effort to find funding for projects considered to be of high quality in EuropeAid's 2007/2008 Call for Proposals. Despite their quality and their positive appraisal in the European Commission’s evaluation process, they did not obtain an EC grant due to budget limitations.

The 86 projects represented at the conference were described in the Auction Floor booklet compiled for the event.   The projects aim at protecting biodiversity, conserving forests and promoting sustainable energy as well as fighting climate change and desertification.  The projects are located in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

The general feedback of the participants was very positive. The Auction Floor was considered to be a very good initiative and the European Commission was encouraged to continue this activity in the future, in the environment sector but also in other sectors. The event was seen as very useful for networking and for future cooperation on environment actions.

There was wide spread interest among the potential donors/investors to finance projects. Three of them publicly declared that they were very interested and some even came very close to concluding agreements to finance certain projects.

Many more projects are still available for funding.  They can be contacted directly using the contact details in the Auction Floor booklet.

How to send us your feedback

If you participated at the conference on 13th March, we would appreciate receiving  your input by filling out the questionnaire and sending it to the conference organisers at fax number +32 2 743 1584.

Further information

A press release on the Auction Floor was issued on 12th March.

Some photos of the event are available, as well as a video coverage of the conference.

Please contact EuropeAid-F3 for further information.


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