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Non state actors and local authorities – At the grassroots

Non state actors and local authorities are close to the grassroots and, hence, have extensive knowledge of local communities and broad networks to reach them. This know-how and infrastructure is very valuable when it comes to determining the development needs of local communities, allocating resources and overseeing projects.

In 2007, the Commission launched a new thematic programme called ‘Non-state actors and local authorities in development’. It replaced the ‘NGO co-financing’ and ‘Decentralised co-operation’ programmes.

The new programme’s overall objective is to help reduce poverty in the context of sustainable development, including the pursuit of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. It is an actor-oriented programme aiming at capacity building through support to initiatives initiated by non-state actors and local authorities from the EU and partner countries in the developing world. 

What's new ?

- NSA-LA Annual Action Plan 2009 (AAP 2009)

The NSA-LA AAP Part I  (Calls for Proposals) was approved on 8 June 2009 by a Decision of the Commission.

The NSA-LA AAP Part II (targeted projects) was approved on 26 June 2009.

- Development education and awareness raising (DE-AR) : Draft   evaluation report on EC-funded actions

This report (+ annexes ) evaluates activities implemented with EC support between 1998 and 2007. It looks back at the results of the "Co-financing with European NGOs" programme and considers future perspectives within the "Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development" thematic programme, under which DE-AR activities are currently funded. The evaluation represents the first general report concerning DE-AR activities published by the EC.

In order to promote consultation and exchange of views, the draft final report was open to comments of all stakeholders until March 31. The comments are now under analysis.


- Calls for proposals run by EC headquarters (Brussels)

The 5 NSA-LA calls for proposals run by the EC HQ are now under evaluation. The indicative calenders can be consulted under each specific call, on the EuropeAid's central website.  (call ref. 127762-6)


- Calls for proposals run by EC Delegations (in partner countries)

68 local calls have been published by Delegations and are either still open or in the evaluation process. You can consult the documents on the  EuropeAid's central website as well as on each Delegation's website.



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