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EU Relations with Wallis and Futuna

Wallis et Futuna is one of three French overseas territories in the Pacific. The two largest islands have a joint population of 14,944 (2003) and are 240 km apart. GDP per capita is estimated at € 2,800. More Wallis and Futuna inhabitants have emigrated to New Caledonia than remain on their home islands.


Three main islands: Wallis, Futuna and Alofi. Capital: Mata-Utu (on Wallis)

- Agriculture: subsistence farming, fruit cultivation, copra oil, pig rearing and (increasingly) rearing laying hens.
- Fishing: supported by the public authorities but insufficient to meet local demand.
- Forests: reforestation programmes are underway in previously over-exploited areas.
- Traditional crafts: an important source of income but air freight costs and competition from neighbouring countries hinder development in this sector.
- Tourism: still undeveloped.

Political situation

Power and influence is shared between:

- the "Chefferie" (three traditional chiefdoms)
- political institutions (an elected Assembly, a deputy and a senator)
- the Catholic Church
- the “prefect” – senior administrator representing the French state.

External and regional relations

Wallis and Fortuna is a member of the Pacific Community, the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme and the Pacific Islands Development Programme, through which it benefits from technical assistance from regional experts.

Involved in regional projects such as TEP VERTES (renewable energy) with New Caledonia and French Polynesia.
Interested in the possible impact of the (EU/Pacific Islands Forum) economic partnership agreement on the economic situation and position in the region, although there are legal obstacles to it taking part in negotiations.
Relations with the EU

Received €16.8 M under the 2000-07 round of funding (including unspent sums from previous rounds). Cooperation and results unsatisfactory, mainly due to inadequate administrative capacity. No increase in initial allocation after the mid-term review.

The 2000-07 funding round financed a fishing port, a commercial port and a primary school. A fourth project involves a technical management unit. Wallis and Fortuna will receive just under €16.5 M under the 2008-13 round of funding.

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