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EU Relations with Mayotte

Mayotte (2005 population - 176,000) is a French overseas territory consisting of some 30 islands located in a lagoon between Mozambique and Madagascar.


Economic activity is concentrated around Mamoudzou, on the island of Petite Terre.

Mayotte is 95% Sunni Muslim, and practice is moderate.

In legal cases, Mayotte people can choose between two different forms of law: a traditional form, based on Islamic law and African and Madagascan customs, or ordinary French law.

In the last 20 years, the Mayotte economy has transformed from mainly agricultural to services (60% of employment today). Sources of locally-produced wealth are very scarce and tourism is in its infancy – although large fish stocks in the Mozambique Channel and the Mayotte lagoon offer great potential for fishing and aquaculture.

Despite progress, the Mayotte economy depends heavily on external support, especially to develop modern infrastructure (financing from France and the EU). Per capita GDP is €3 960 (2001).

Political situation

Since 2001, Mayotte has had the status of a collectivité départementale of France, governed by Article 74 of the French Constitution. Executive power is held by the President of the Mayotte general council (legislature).

In 2008, the general council asked for the territory to be given the status of département/région d'outre mer under Article 73 of the French Constitution. Its elected representatives are also keen to have Mayotte recognised as an EU outermost region.

The President of the general council is Ahamed Attoumani Douchina. Mayotte sends one representative to the lower house of the French parliament (currently Abdoulatifou Aly) and two to the Senate (Adrien Giraud and Soibahadine Ibrahim Ramadani).

Relations with the EU

EU development aid 2000-07- €24.15m (incl. transfers from previous rounds of funding).

€3.624m will fund a technical management unit set up in 2006 to increase Mayotte's administrative capacity.

In November 2007, Mayotte signed a financing agreement for €20.526m for reforestation projects, drainage of rainwater and a waste-processing centre.

EU development aid 2008-13 - €22.92m (projected)

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