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EU Relations with French Polynesia

French Polynesia is one of three French overseas territories in the Pacific. Spread over an area larger than the EU , theislands' economy and environment are vulnerable, due to the territory's remoteness and the geographical and demographic fragmentation of the archipelago, though its size gives some advantage in comparison with other overseas territories.


- Population - 259 600 (2007)
- Capital - Papeete, on the island of Tahiti.
- Standard of living - comparable to the EU (satisfactory in terms of millennium development goals)
- Per capita GDP - €17 090 in 2004 - relatively high compared to other overseas territories.

Political situation

After a period of political instability, Gaston Tong Sang became president on 15 April 2008, heading a coalition of autonomist parties.

External and regional relations

An associate member of the Pacific islands Forum, French Polynesia plays a central role in the progressive regional integration of French overseas territories in the Pacific.

Involved in regional projects such as TEP VERTES (renewable energy) and SCIFISH (fishing) with other overseas territories and occasionally African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Interested in the possible impact of the economic partnership agreement on their economy and position in the region, although there are legal obstacles to it taking part in negotiations.

Relations with the EU

EU development aid 2000-07 - €20.65m (chiefly for water sanitation projects)
EU development aid 2008-13 - €19.79m

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