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NIF - Tunisia

Tunisia: Feasibility Study for a Concentrated Solar Power Plant (CSP)
The study has to determine the feasibility of a Concentrated Solar Power Plant (CSP) plant which would contribute to global climate protection by producing environmentally sound electrical energy and avoiding the generation of CO2 with a reasonable economic effort. Lead IFI: KfW
Other FI:AFD&EIB(tbc)
Total cost: ca.€120M
NIF grant:€1M
Status: disbursing


Tunisia: Extension and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations
The programme aims at renewing and extending 19 wastewater treatment plants and 130 pumping stations, which will protect the water environment against pollution and improve the living conditions of the concerned populations, (i.e. 1,1 million people in 2021). Lead IFI: KfW
Other FI: AFD
Total cost:€127.8M
NIF grant:€8M
Status:  disbursing


Tunisia: Tunis Light Railway
The project entails the modernization of certain priority sections of the light railway network of the city of Tunis. The network upgrading will contribute to improving access by the local population to public transport and equitable and environmentally friendly socio-economic development. Lead IFI: AFD
Other FI: EIB & KfW
Total cost:€550M
NIF grant:€28M
Status: first €14 M disbursing


Tunisia: Study for the waste water sewerage of industrial zones in Tunisia
The NIF grant will finance a study identifying the most appropriate solutions for the wastewater treatment of 9 industrial zones in Tunisia. The study will assess the institutional and infrastructural needs of the sector and allow the preparation of the related investment project.Lead IFI: KfW
Other IFI: EIB
Total cost: tbd
NIF grant: €0.8M
Status: disbursing


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