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NIF - Georgia

Georgia: Black Sea Energy Transmission System
The project allows the link between the power supply systems of the Southern Caucasus countries with Turkey and Europe. It will stabilise the domestic power supply systems, reduce transmission losses and make the region independent from single supply sources.Lead IFI: KfW (with contribution from OeEB)
Other FI: EBRD & EIB
Total cost: ca.€220M
NIF grant:€8M
Status: disbursing


Georgia: Tbilisi Railway Bypass Environmental Clean-up
The project concerns the construction of a new railway route bypassing the central area of the city of Tbilisi, improving the efficiency and safety of rail operations as well as supporting trans-European inter-connections.Lead IFI: EBRD
Total cost:€253.5M
NIF grant:€8.5M
Status: disbursing


Georgia: Enguri/Vardnili Hydro Power Cascade Rehabilitation
The project is the last stage of the rehabilitation of the Enguri-Vardnili hydro power cascade. It will contribute to the improvement of energy security in the region as well as reducing CO2 and other harmful gas emissions by replacing fossil fuel-fired power generation units currently in use.Lead IFI: EBRD
Other FI: EIB
Total cost:€40M
NIF grant:€5M
Status: disbursing


Georgia: Water Infrastructure Modernization
The project targets a number of water supply and sanitation investment schemes throughout Georgia. It addresses more specifically social and environmental objectives by improving access to safe water and contributing to the environmental protection of the Black and Caspian Seas.Lead IFI: EIB
Total cost:€86M
NIF grant:€4M
Status: disbursing


Georgia: Water Supply and Sewerage of Batumi and Surrounding Villages (Phase III)
The project aims at rehabilitating the water distribution network and the wastewater system in Batumi and surrounding villages, including the installation of a wastewater treatment plant. The objective of the project is to make a contribution to the socio-economic development of the area and to the protection of natural resources, limiting the environmental impact on the Black Sea ecosystem.Lead IFI:KfW
Total cost:€44M (for Phase III)
NIF grant:€4M
Status: disbursing


Georgia: Georgia East-West Highway
This highway is also on the Pan-European corridor linking the EU with Central Asia through the Caucasus and part of the TRACECA programme. The development and upgrading of this key highway, is one of the top priorities for Georgia since it will enhance the country's position as the main conduit of regional trade and passenger movements.Lead IFI: EIB
Total cost: €592M
NIF grant:€20M
Status: disbursing


Georgia: Water Infrastructure Modernisation II
The overall aim of the project is to build, rehabilitate and modernise municipal water sector infrastructure. The project is an intermediary step towards the ultimate goal of providing a water supply of acceptable quality to all of the urban population in Georgia 24 hours per day. The Georgian government is committed to ensure that all residents in all urban areas receive a reliable and safe water supply, 24 hours per day, for every household by 2020.Lead IFI: EIB
Total cost:€80M
NIF grant:€8M
Status: disbursing


Georgia: Water supply and sewerage of Batumi and surrounding villages (Phase 3)
The project is the third and final phase of a rehabilitation programme of municipal infrastructure facilities in Batumi and the surrounding villages in the Southern Khelvachauri District. The general objective of the programme is to contribute to the socio-economic development of Batumi and its surrounding communities by ensuring a 24 hour supply of hygienically sound water and by improving the controlled disposal and treatment of wastewater for the population of Batumi and nearby Chakvi villages in the Southern Khelvachauri District.Lead IFI:KfW
Total cost:€58.1M
NIF grant:€4.5M
Status: disbursing


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