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Bolstering transport links – a key priority

The European Commission’s regional co-operation with its eastern neighbours aims to tackle key transport challenges, such as linking partner countries with the Trans-European Network axes and carrying out further work to develop the Pan-European transport corridors.


Commission assistance also focuses on the gradual approximation of EU legal frameworks and standards by the Community’s eastern neighbours. In addition, regional programmes and projects will focus on improving rail interoperability, air traffic management and road and aviation safety.

Co-operation – on track

Special mention should be made of the TRACECA programme, which fosters regional integration between TACIS countries. Major projects include data collection to allow for better traffic forecasts along the TRACECA corridor, which borders the Black and Caspian Seas and takes in a number of central Asian countries.

The aim is to improve maritime safety, prevent marine pollution and raise environmental awareness. Other activities include infrastructure development and the production of feasibility studies, along with the networking of logistical centres and trade facilitation.


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