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People to people activities

Political and official co-operation play important roles in boosting relations between the European Union and its eastern neighbours – but there is also a need to develop links at the civil society level.

Activities are already in place to improve regional and sub-regional collaboration between civil society organisations. The objective is to enhance “bottom-up” collaboration between the two regions and bring together a range of actors, such as trades unions, educational organisations, religious groups and professional bodies.

The ENPI regional information and communication programme 2007-2010 targets 16 countries, the Southern neighbourhood partners and the Eastern European ones. Its main objective is to maximise awareness and understanding of the Partnership by promoting debate, dialogue and interaction.

This programme has 4 components:

  • Training and networking of journalists through the European Neighbourhood Journalism Network (ENJN) project
  • Media campaign support with the ENPI info Centre
  • Research and survey
  • Media activities: 12 projects with traditional and online media (regional and local media) targetting public in the southern neighbours (7 projects) and in the eastern neighbours (5 projects)

In addition, the EU supports the development of information and communication technology (ICT) in the Southern Caucasus through programmes to establish e-learning centres in the region.


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