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Eastern Partnership Integration and Cooperation (EaPIC) programme

What is it?

The Eastern Partnership integration and cooperation (EaPIC) programme provides additional financial assistance to Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries that deliver on reforms for deep democracy and respect of human rights.

This rewarding mechanism is in line with the principles of mutual accountability and differentiation introduced in the 2011 review of the European Neighbourhood Policy: “Increased EU support to its neighbours is conditional. It will depend on progress in building and consolidating democracy and respect for the rule of law. The more and the faster a country progresses in its internal reforms, the more support it will get from the EU” ('A new response to a changing Neighbourhood' ).

The EaPIC programme is a twin initiative to the SPRING (Support for Partnership, Reforms and Inclusive Growth) programme for southern neighbours.

How does it work?

All Eastern Partnership countries are eligible for EaPIC. But additional resources from the EaPIC programme are granted only against progress in reforms for deep democracy and respect of human rights. Hence, the EaPIC programme functions as a positive incentive for continued efforts in democratic transformation ('more for more').

Assessment of progress is based on the annual reports on the implementation of the Neighbourhood policy. Civil society organisations, EU Member States and other donors contribute their inputs to the progress reports; major international indicators on good governance are also taken into account, as well as the respect for international commitments on human rights.

EaPIC additional resources can be used for new projects or to expand the scope of existing projects contributing to democratic transformation and institution building, or to sustainable and inclusive growth and economic development. Projects are selected in each country according to the overall EU assistance package and in coordination with EU Member States and other donors.


Funding for the EaPIC programme comes from the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI). This is the main financial and cooperation instrument for eastern and southern Neighbourhood countries and Russia in the period 2007-2013.

The total funding of EaPIC (2012-2013) amounts to €152 million.

In 2012, €65 million were granted to Moldova (€28 million), Georgia (€22 million) and Armenia (€15 million). Additional EaPIC funding was channelled to increase support for reforms in the justice sector (Moldova, Georgia and Armenia); to expand the offer of vocational education and training (Armenia), access to health services (Moldova), and economic stimulation in rural areas (Moldova); to improve migration and border management in view of the visa liberalisation dialogue (Georgia).

In 2013, €87 million were granted to Moldova (€35 million), Georgia (€27 million) and Armenia (€25 million). Additional EaPIC funding will be used to improve job market management and the offer of vocational education and training (Georgia); to boost economic opportunities in rural areas, advance reforms in the energy sector (including access to renewable energy), and increase cooperation with the Council of Europe (Moldova); to enhance national capacities for migration and mobility management, and support civil service reform and the fight against corruption (Armenia).

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