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TAIEX – helping the EU’s neighbours

TAIEX (Technical Assistance and Information Exchange) is an instrument introduced by the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) framework. TAIEX aims to help foster political and economic co-operation in a number of areas, primarily regarding the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation.

TAIEX became operational in June 2006 and is jointly managed by EuropeAid and the European Commission’s Enlargement Directorate-General. The instrument was gradually introduced to neighbouring partner countries and Russia. By the end of 2006, it had received about 50 requests for assistance and these requests have been increased by about 130 by the beginning of June 2007

TAIEX is largely demand-driven and contributes to the delivery of appropriate tailor-made expertise to address problems at short-notice. It is an effective tool for the dissemination of know-how and good practice. It delivers public short-term technical assistance and expertise, helping users to understand and draft legislation.

For additional information, please read the brochure about TAIEX in the Neighbouring Countries and Russia pdf - 750 KB [750 KB] français (fr) , the Activity Report 2010 pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] français (fr)  and the Activity Report 2011 pdf - 893 KB [893 KB] français (fr) . You may also consult the webpage of the Directorate General for Enlargement on TAIEX.

Services on offer

TAIEX is a quick and flexible tool, which assists partner administrations in their efforts to understand, harmonise or implement rules and regulations over a wide range of subjects. It also identifies possible issues for future joint working between the EU and its neighbours.

TAIEX will be a key tool for co-operation under the EU’s new European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI), which came into force on 1 January 2007.

The first TAIEX events took place in September 2006 and aimed to help the Jordanian authorities. An EU expert mission visited Amman, Jordan’s capital, to discuss the internal market and trade-related issues. Meanwhile, counter-terrorism was on the agenda during a study visit to Europe.

The first TAIEX bilateral workshop took place in Kiev, Ukraine in November 2006, covering issues related to waste packaging. And in December 2006, TAIEX organised a multi-country seminar on intellectual property rights, which was held in Brussels.

TAIEX network

TAIEX National Contact Points pdf - 121 KB [121 KB] in Beneficiary Countries



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