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Euro-Solar Regional Cooperation Programme

EU - Latin America cooperation programme

EURO-SOLAR is a European Commission programme which aims to reduce poverty by giving isolated rural communities with no access to electricity a renewable source of electrical energy.

Total budget:  €36m (originally €30m, of which €6m from programme’s 8 beneficiary countries). 

Key dates 

December 2009 - The first EURO-SOLAR Kit is working in Peru.

8 October 2009 - Addendum to the EURO-SOLAR financing agreement signed by Commission and the beneficiaries.

July 2009 - Delivery of first kits to beneficiary countries.

22–26 June 2009 - Second EURO-SOLAR regional conference held in Roatán (Honduras).

December 2008 - Commission increases its financial contribution by €4.7m and extends the programme duration by 9 months. Supply contracts are signed for the 8 beneficiary countries.

15 December 2008 -Supply contracts awarded.

16 May 2008 -Supply procurement notice published.

14-18 April 2008 - First EURO-SOLAR regional conference held in Ávila (Spain).

1 September 2007 - Fieldwork begins. 

10 July 2007 - Technical assistance contract signed with winning consortium for services tender, headed by SOCOIN.

18 January 2007 - 4-year-long EURO-SOLAR financing agreement signed.

21 December 2006 - EURO-SOLAR financing agreement with 8 beneficiaries signed.

6 December 2006 - Service procurement notice for technical assistance published.

8 May 2006 - EURO-SOLAR approved by Commission.

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