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COPOLAD - Cooperation Programme between Latin America and the European Union on Drugs Policies

COPOLAD is a cooperation programme aiming at strengthening the bi-regional dialogue between the European Union and Latin America, consolidating the EU-Latin America and Caribbean Coordination and Cooperation Mechanism on Drugs and contributing to improve the coherence, balance and impact of drugs policies in Latin America. The project duration is 42 months, starting from December 2010. It is entirely financed by the EU with a total budget of 6.000.000€.

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Based on the Policy Declaration approved in the Special Session on Drugs of the UN General Assembly (UNGASS, 1998), all States commit themselves to develop and implement global, integrated drugs policies. The new Policy Declaration adopted in Vienna in March 2009 reinforces this direction.

The EU, for its part, follows and promotes the necessary global focus on drugs policies, as set out in the EU Drugs Strategy (2005-2012) and in the EU Drugs Action Plan (2009-2012).

Within the cooperation with Latin America, COPOLAD corresponds to the first priority identified in the Regional Strategy Paper 2007-2013, namely the cooperation in the framework of drugs policies, including combating international drug trafficking.

Against this background, the European Commission approved COPOLAD on the 18th of December, 2009. 


Following the launch of a call for proposals in March 2010, a grant contract has been awarded to a Consortium led by FIIAPP (Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas) and by DGPNSD (Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas).

Partners of the consortium are Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Germany, Portugal and France.

Associated partners to the project are Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Romania, CICAD (Comisión Interamericana para el Control del Abuso de Drogas de la Organización de Estados Americanos), OPS (Organización Panamericana de Salud) and RIOD (Red Iberoamericana de ONGs que trabajan en Drogodependencias).

Activities are open to all National Coordinating Agencies or other bodies responsible for drugs policies in Latin America and in the EU. Caribbean Countries can also participate in EU Regional Programmes for Latin America. However, their participation shall be covered by the European Development Fund (EDF) on a case by case basis. 

Programme's objectives

The specific objective of COPOLAD is to strengthen capacities and encourage the process of elaborating drugs policies in its different stages in Latin American countries. This shall be achieved by improving the dialogue and reinforcing the cooperation between the national coordinating agencies and other actors responsible for global and sector drugs policies in Latin America and the EU.

COPOLAD has been organised around four components reflecting the Programme's priorities.

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