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EU development funding for Mexico aims mainly to promote social cohesion and economic competitiveness.


EU Aid programmes

In 2002-2006, the European Commission provided funds for:

  • social development and reducing inequality (30%)
  • economic growth / reform / competitiveness (35%)
  • science and technology (20%)
  • strengthening the rule of law and institutions (10%)

More info: Mexico Country Strategy Paper pdf - 593 KB [593 KB] Deutsch (de) español (es) português (pt) 2002-2006 



  • PROTLCUEM (Economy, Trade, Regional Integration)
  • PRODESIS (Social Development)
  • PIAPYME (Economy, Trade, Private Sector)

You will find the list of current projects on the website of the Delegation of the European Union to Mexico.


In 2007-2013, the EC foresess to provide €42M in funding for:

  • social cohesion and dialogue on which policies to implement (40%)
  • sustainable economy and competitiveness (35%)
  • education and culture (25%)

 More info: Mexico Country Strategy Paper pdf - 883 KB [883 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) 2007-2013


The EU also finances action in Mexico on human rights, the environment and gender equality, and co-finances projects with NGOs.

For more information on the cooperation framework between the EU and Mexico please consult the EC's European External Action Service.

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