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ASEM Dialogue Facility

As one of the four ASEM coordinator, the European Commission is closely involved in the ASEM process. To underpine this process, the European Commission created the ASEM Dialogue Facility which provides a forum for political dialogue and networking among ASEM partners mainly through the organisation of conferences.



The conference report pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] of the second ASEM Development Conference, Towards an Asia-Europe Partnership for Sustainable Development, is now available. Visit the conference website for more information.

What is the ASEM Dialogue Facility?

The ASEM Dialogue Facility is an European Commission instrument to support the ASEM process. The Facility aims at promoting closer cooperation among the countries and at enhancing policy and know-how transfer to less developed countries in Asian region. Thus the programme directly contributes to the global partnerships for development (MDG8)

Concretely the ASEM Dialogue Facility funds EC activities promoting political dialogue among ASEM countries such as:

  • the organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops;
  • the commissioning of studies;
  • the sponsoring of participation costs of attendees enabling highest participation of less developed countries in the events;

The programme is mainly focused on five sectors where the EC can contribute to the political dialogue and policy transfer: economic and financial matters and the European experience with economic and financial integration; environment and climate change as European commitment for sustainable development globally; development aid policy and delivery; employment and social inclusion as the European support to social cohesion; education, multilingualism, culture and cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Besides that the European Commission supports the efforts to increase the visibility of ASEM and its activities by raising the press coverage of its events and promoting unified visual materials.

Which activies have already been funded?

The ASEM Dialogue Facility is entirely funded by the European Commission. The first phase of the programme covered the period 2008-2009 with a € 2 million budget. The second phase, which will start in 2010, will support two years of ASEM activities with an allocation of € 1 million.

You can have a look at the list of the activities funded in 2008 and 2009 pdf - 25 KB [25 KB] . Please find below the 2010 events which took place within the ASEM Dialogue Facility framework:


The ASEM Dialogue Facility is also funding a technical assistance to support the implementation of the ASEM events as well as two communication experts to enhance the visibility around the ASEM8 Summit (Brussels, 4-5 October 2010).  As part of this visibility activity, Shada Islam - one of the expert, has written challenging articles on EU-Asia relationship pdf - 330 KB [330 KB] .

Which are the upcoming events? 

In 2010, the ASEM Dialogue Facility is funding (partly or totally) four additional events:

  • ASEM Workshop on Social Protection floor and the informal economy, Nice, 27-28 September 2010 (co-funding with France)
  • 3rd ASEM Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting (3rd ASEM LEMC), Leiden, 12-14 December 2010 (co-funding with Netherlands)
  • Euro-Asia ASEM Conference on investment and finance, Mumbai, 16-17 December 2010
  • 8th Interregional People's Forum (AEPF-8), Brussels, 2-5 October 2010 (co-funding with Belgium)

Where can I find more information?

Additional information can be found on the ASEM Webpage of the Directorate General for External Cooperation.

For any further questions concerning the programme, please send an email to the project managers: Soeren KLEM and Estelle MAITRE.


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