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A strengthened science and technology base would bring many African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries a decisive step closer to tackling poverty and achieving sustainable development. The EU is providing support to equip them with the scientific, technological and innovation capacities needed to make this happen.

Medical laboratory in the Dominican Republic, Caribbean

The activities implemented aim to enhance the use of science and technology as key enablers for poverty reduction, growth and socio-economic development.

In practice, this is to be achieved through policy development, adaptation of existing technologies to local conditions and through making research results accessible to ACP users, for instance by making public web archives available.

Support for research activities is included in the objectives of the Africa-EU Partnership on Science, Information Society and Space. It aims to promote the participation of the African research community in EU programmes for research and technological development and to support regional research networks.

The extension of research products and applications for the benefit of ACP countries with a focus on Africa is also gaining momentum. In the area of space applications, funding was made available for satellite positioning/navigation and earth observation technologies. Investments target capacity building for the operation of the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) and the preparation of a possible deployment of Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) to Africa.

Programmes and projects

  • ACP Science and Technology (S&T) programme
  • The programme aims to strengthen the innovation capacity of all ACP countries. To achieve this, it promotes interdisciplinary approaches and intervenes on numerous levels ranging from academic research to business and civil society.

  • ACP Caribbean & Pacific Research Programme for Sustainable Development
  • This programme focuses on support for research and innovation initiatives from ACP stakeholders. The target areas in the Caribbean and Pacific countries to benefit from the programme are agriculture, renewable energy, water, sanitation and climate change.

  • ACP Research for Sustainable Development Programme, Africa
  • The programme is one of the flagship deliverables in the Partnership on Science, Information Society and Space of the EU-Africa Joint Strategy. Strategic priority actions at African level currently include post-harvest and agriculture, renewable and sustainable energy as well as water and sanitation.

  • ACP Connect for Research and Education Networks
  • This EU-funded project covering sub-Saharan Africa as well as Caribbean and Pacific countries supports the development of research and education networks and their interconnection with GEANT, the pan-European data network for the research and education community.


Research for Development in the ACP region gained importance over the last 10 years since the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development where leaders agreed to step up efforts and funding for scientific research, partnerships and the diffusion of technical knowledge.

This trend was given a further fillip with the signing of the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership in December 2007 which led to an additional increase in funding.

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