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Peace and Security Departement

 € 6 million of APF funds were earmarked for enhancing the institutional capacity of the AUC Peace and Security Department (PSD) within its main areas of activities. This included recruitment of additional staff, the rental of office premises and the purchase of office equipment. The objective is to strengthen the PSD's role and leadership in promoting peace, stability and security.


The programme aims at:


• Strengthening the capacity of the AU to implement the various elements of the AU Peace and Security Council.

• Strengthening the AU Planning Cell responsible for strategic and military planning of peace support operations

• Strengthening the capacity of the PSD in the areas of financial and administrative management for peace support operations


In addition, a joint EU-AU study was carried out to identify the long-term capacity needs of the AUC and other sub-regional organisations in Africa. The outcome of this assessment served as basis for subsequent Contribution Agreements related to AU capacity building in the field of peace and security.



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