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African Peace and Security Architecture

The African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA) was established by the African Union in collaboration with the Regional Economic Communities. Its role is to deal with prevention, management and resolution of conflicts in Africa. Its core organ is the African Union Peace and Security Council.

Sudan. Author: N.Lazarewicz.

EU African Peace Facility Component

The EU African Peace Facility Capacity Building Component amounts to almost €34.7 million, out of which €27 million derive from the European Development Fund and €7.7 million from the European Comission development budget for South Africa.

The objective of this component is to increase the capacity of the African Union (AU) and of the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in the planning and conduct of Peace Support Operations on the continent.

Out of the African Peace Facility (APF) envelope of €27 million:

  • A contribution agreement of €6 million was signed between the European Commission and the African Union Commission (AUC) in October 2004 to reinforce the AUC Peace and Security Department.
  • €1 million have been earmarked for African Standby Force for workshops.
  • The remaining €20 million were spent mainly to cover staff reinforcement, training and equipment on the African Standby Force and the RECs.

In 2007, the €7.7 million of the EC development budget for South Africa was allocated to establish REC liaison offices with the AU and further develop and consolidate early warning capacity achievements.

Peace and Security Department organisation

Peace and Security Department

  1. Regional Economic communities.
  2. African Stand by Force.
  3. Panel of Wise.
  4. Peace Fund.
  5. Continental Early Warning System.
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