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Second Energy Facility

The second Energy Facility, with a total budget of € 200 million, will co-finance investment projects, as well as governance and capacity building activities to improve access to sustainable and modern energy services by poor people living in the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP) rural and peri-urban areas.

The second Energy Facility will also contribute to the fight against climate change by giving priority to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures.


The second Energy Facility will be implemented through:

Priority areas

The second Energy Facility gives priority to the following areas:

  • Access to energy services with the main aim of benefiting the poor
  • Renewable energy and energy  efficiency, use of local resources and decentralised solutions
  • Productive use of energy beyond the basic services
  • Coherence with partner countries' planning frameworks
  • Promotion of sound energy policies and strategies
  • Removal of obstacles to private sector's involvement


The second Energy Facility particularly encourages the participation of the private sector, especially of local small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and possible investors in the energy sector. The participation of local actors (SMEs, local authorities and communities) is favoured.

At a national level, main authorities from the energy sector are particularly involved through the governance component and their approval will be also included for ensuring that projects are aligned with national priorities.

The demand-driven approach, as well as compulsory partnerships with local actors the projects realisation, ensure a high degree of commitment and ownership of project ideas, and increase their sustainability.

For further information on the Energy Facility programme contact us.

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