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Past activities - First Energy Facility

The Energy Facility was created on June 2005, with a total budget of €220 million of which €198 million were to be channelled through a call for proposals. After the selection procedure, 74 projects pdf - 37 KB [37 KB]  have been contracted for a total amount of €196 million with a total project cost of €430 million. The Energy Facility Monitoring website provides all detailed information regarding the awarded projects of the first Energy Facility call for proposals.

Type of awarded projects

The Energy Facility's first call for proposals was divided into three components:

1- Improvement of access to energy services in rural and peri-urban areas:

       1.a) Small-scale initiatives (30% of the budget).

       1.b) Large Infrastructure projects (61%).

2- Improvement of the management and governance of energy (5%).

3- Improvement of cross-border cooperation in the energy sector (4%).

Breakdown by applicants' legal status and origin

26 NGOs: The largest group in terms of number of projects. The majority of them corresponding to small-scale initiatives.

€82 million: The lion's share of funds goes to the public bodies and state actors from African Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP).

€20 million: This was the amount received by the Regional Economic Communities (RECs).

67% of the EC contribution has been allocated to ACP applicants, including the RECs. It makes the major part of the EC contribution in this call.

26% of the funds has been allocated to European applicants, who have been the second biggest group receiving EU contributions in this call.

7% has been the percentage of the EC contribution in this call allocated to international organisations.

Private sector participation and financial leverage effect

12  private companies (7 from ACP / 5 from EU) benefit from the first Energy Facility grants as applicants and 14 other private companies benefit as partners, developing both small-scale initiatives and large infrastructures projects.

• They received €74 million from Energy Facility funds (38% of the total) generating a co-financing of €79 million.

• Even if their direct investment on EF projects reaches only €14,6 Million (€10,8 Million from ACP companies and €3,8 Million from EU ones), this shows that private companies have been successful in mobilizing funds from different sources.

Actions funded by the Call

48 out of 74 Energy Facility projects focused on energy generation and transformation activities.

77% of the projects exclusively used renewable energies as sources for energy generation. On second place are the hybrid systems, present in 1 out of every 5 projects. These systems combine renewable energies and fossil fuels for energy generation. Only one project using exclusively fossil fuels was funded.


6.7 million is the total number of final beneficiaries of the first Energy Facility. This figure covers however beneficiaries of very different types of energy services, being individual or collective, for lighting, cooking or motive power.

Key documents

  • Energy Facility Mid-term review: The Financing Agreement on the Energy Facility requires performing Mid-term evaluation (MTR) of the Facility in order to evaluate whether the projects, programmes and activities selected for the co-financing are relevant, effective and efficient in fulfilling the goals and purpose of the Facility. The Mid-term review was conducted on the first Energy Facility and it has been taken into account for the formulation of the new Energy Facility.


• Final results of the Call for Proposals - 17 July 2007

• Call for Proposals - closed 06 October 2006

• Call for proposals - opened 19 June 2006

• European Commission's financing decision approved the EF I - 02 June 2006

• ACP-EU Council Approval of €220 M for the Energy Facility (EF I) - June 2005

Please note that it cannot be guaranteed that information available online exactly reproduces the facts.

Activities financed beside the Call for Proposals 

In addition to the projects selected through the call for proposals, the first Energy Facility has also devoted € 10 M for activities in preparation of the Africa - EU Infrastructure Partnership. The funds were allocated to provide technical assistance and institutional building activities for the African Forum for Utility Regulation (AFUR) and for the West (WAPP), Central (CAPP), East ( EAPP) and Southern Africa (SAPP) Power Pools. For more information consult this newsletter and the document on specific funded activities pdf - 25 KB [25 KB] français (fr) .








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