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Call for Proposals - Second Energy Facility

A € 100 million Call for Proposals was launched in November 2009. One year later, the European Commission selected the 65 projects pdf - 53 KB [53 KB] français (fr) that will benefit from grant co-funding from the 10th European Development Fund Energy Facility. The total amount of the grants to be awarded is €98.5 million.

The call was a two steps one:

  • First, submission of a short concept note (deadline for submission: 1st of February 2010) and its assessment by an Evaluation committee.
  • Second, invitation for submission of a detailed proposal for those projects selected after the first step (deadline for submission: July 2010) .

The call is divided into two components:

Component 1: Projects to increase access to modern, affordable and sustainable energy services for poor in rural and peri-urban areas with a special focus on decentralised and renewable energy solutions as well as on energy efficiency measures.

Component 2: Actions to improve governance and framework conditions in the energy sector at regional, national and local levels, in particular those aimed at promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Maximum and minimum co-financing

The minimum and maximum co-financing contribution from the Energy Facility is:

ComponentsMin. €Max. €Max. EC Cofinancing
1. Increased access to energy services in rural and peri-urban areas500,0002,500,00075%
2. Improving energy governance and capacity building200,0001,500,00075%

Applicants and partners

• All African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states having ratified the revised Cotonou Agreement, public and private bodies, intergovernmental organisations that are made up primarily of sovereign states or member states which are part of the ACP countries and civil society actors (NGOs and others) were eligible as applicants or partners (with the exception of the States who were only eligible as applicants or associates).

• All EU public and private bodies and civil society actors (NGOs and others) were eligible as partners or applicants. For EU applicants, the partnership with an ACP actor was compulsory.

• All international organisations were eligible as partners, associates or co-donors.


Call for Proposals documentation

  • All legal documents related to the participation in this call for proposals including the guidelines, the application  form, the corrigenda and the Frequently Asked Questions  were published here.
  • Language: Applications were sent in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • PADOR registration (Potential Applicant Dated Online Registration) was compulsory.
  • The following position papers were published in order to give some guidance to potential applicants to the Call for Proposals:


• Notification of award – December 2010

• Deadline for submission of full applications form – July 2010

• Deadline for submission of concept notes – 1st of February 2010

• Launch of the 1st Call for Proposals – 30th of November 2009

• European Commission's financing decision on the second Energy Facility (EFII) – end of November 2009



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