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Safeguarding cultural identities while furthering the economic viability of the cultural sector is an important aspect of the EU’s development cooperation with African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

Tuareg singer Athmane Bali on stage with Jean-Marc Padovani

By promoting creativity, cultural exchanges and a viable cultural sector, the EU supports the promotion of cultural diversity. In turn, achieving this can also make a contribution to poverty reduction and sustainable development.

The overall objectives of support for the cultural sector are to

  • Contribute to the emergence of viable cultural and creative industries, including the audiovisual sector.
  • Increase access for ACP cultural goods and services to local, inter-regional, European and international markets.

To respond to the increasing demands of ACP countries in this regard and harness the huge potential in this field, a number of studies were undertaken to assess the situation of the cultural industries in ACP countries, notably as regards the sector's regulatory framework.

Based on lessons learnt and recommendations made during consultations held in recent years with ACP artists' representatives and professionals as well as entrepreneurs from the cultural sectors, different initiatives for ACP countries have been launched. These provide targeted funding to address the needs identified and seize the opportunities at hand. Special attention is given to vocational training, job creation, market access and integration of cultural and creative industries into the formal economy.

Programmes and projects

  • ACP-EU Support Programme to ACP Cultural Sectors ACPCULTURES+

    Jointly launched by the ACP Group and the EU, ACPCULTURES+ supports the development and structuring of the film and cultural industries in the ACP States. To do so, it addresses virtually every link in the cultural industries’ production chain: creation, production, distribution, dissemination and promotion. It namely provides for technical and entrepreneurial training aimed at the professional development of the different players, operators and entrepreneurs involved in ACP countries’ cultural and creative sectors.

    It builds on earlier activities carried out under the ACPFILMS and ACPCULTURES programmes which are still ongoing.

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