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Nauru is a small, isolated equatorial island republic of only 21 km² in the central Pacific Ocean. Its economy depended almost entirely on phosphate mining. However, due to declining phosphate deposits and an underdeveloped private sector Nauru now faces serious economic challenges. Living conditions throughout Nauru are poor and major investments in social infrastructure are needed. The development challenge facing the government is the restoration of macroeconomic and financial stability and the diversification of the economic base, specifically by encouraging private sector development to achieve economic growth and create employment opportunities that will support human and social development.

Aid programmes

The Country Strategy Paper for Nauru (2008-2013) presents the strategic framework for cooperation between the European Commission (EC) and Nauru under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). In light of the limited access to safe drinking water and sanitation and the inadequate access to sustainable clean renewable energy sources, EC assistance under the 10th EDF will concentrate on the water and energy sector, in particular the provision of renewable sources of energy, in order to help the government to develop an adequate, equitable and secure supply of energy throughout the country.

The EC's total allocation (2008-2013) foreseen for Nauru to address these priorities amounts to €2.9 million.

Recent assistance

Already the Country Strategy Paper for Nauru (2002-2007) under 9th EDF funding gave priority to developing new and renewable sources of energy to reduce costs of imported fuel. The implementation of the still ongoing Renewable Energy Programme began in January 2006. The EC is financing this programme with €1.53 million.

For further details on projects and programmes in Nauru funded from the European Development Fund and the general budget of the EU, please visit the project's section of the website of the Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific on Fiji Island, responsible for Nauru.

Other sources of information

The Directorate-General for Development is responsible for drawing up the cooperation strategy with Nauru.

More information on EU relations with Nauru is available on the pages of the Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific on Fiji Island, which is also responsible for co-operation activities in Nauru.

Information on trade relations in the ACP region can be found on the website of the Directorate-General for Trade.

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