ACP - multi-country cooperation

ACP - multi-country cooperation

The Cotonou partnership funds programmes benefiting numerous, or all, ACP States. Known as ‘intra-ACP cooperation’, this complements national and regional programmes, addressing challenges shared by ACP States. It is based on the principle of subsidiarity – implemented when activities at national and/or regional levels would be less effective. A €2.7bn sum is earmarked for intra-ACP cooperation 2008-13, amounting to 12% of the 10th European Development Fund’s (EDF) overall budget.     

Intra-ACP funding is:

  • helping ACP countries protect themselves against international threats through participation in global initiatives in the areas of health, including the fight against the main poverty-related diseases;
  • helping ACP states protect themselves against external shocks caused by climate change and environmental factors and is promoting integration among ACP countries. EU funding is also directed to: higher education, cultural exchanges, research, infrastructure as well projects that promote mobility between countries policy and boost trade;
  • supporting integration through peace-building activities, institutional capacity building for the African Union and is assisting the development of strategies to address shared challenges, notably in the fields of agriculture and rural development.

Additionally, support is provided to joint ACP-EU institutions: the Centre for the Development of Enterprise (CDE), the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), the Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) and the Brussels-based ACP Secretariat.